Speechwriting and Editorial services

Why write a dull speech or article when you can write one that persuades, inspires and entertains? I help leaders find their best authentic voice, whether from the podium (or in this era over Zoom) or in print. In a social media world obsessed with 280 characters, 800 well crafted, well timed and well placed words can still shape debate and create change. Get in touch if you have a speech coming up, or an opinion piece you need to write. I’ll help you write it better. I can also help with written submissions to parliamentary select committees.

Media Relations

I work with my clients to achieve media coverage and relationships that match their strategic objectives. That can involve:

  • 24/7 press office support
  • Drafting press releases
  • Organising media briefings
  • Preparing clients for print and broadcast interviews
  • Message development
  • Crisis communication


The global network of consultants I work with includes specialists in media relations, financial PR, litigation PR and media training in the UK, US, Germany, France and Israel